My Design

It is great to explore the world of modern design and translate it to a practical level

Through the renovation process of our property in Italy, my interest in interior design rose to such a level, that I had to know and do more in this field. After a practical virtual interior design course at the National Design Academy in the UK, I am now doing a virtual Bachelor in Interior Architecture and Design at the Interactive Design Institute (IDI, cooperation with Hertfordshire university). So from drawing only broom puppets in my youth I am developing my drawing skills to technical floor plans, furniture and 3D spaces. Both by hand and computer aided (CAD). I have a clear interest in contemporary and functional design, when appropriate combined with old(er) elements. Through visiting design events such as the Salone dei Mobili in Milan, through design magazines and through visiting showrooms and shops I try to spot trends and styles.

My preferences

I love modern and above all practical design. I love a special floor or wall that does the trick for an interior

A special floor or wall can lift or determine an entire interior. Especially when combined with the right lighting and 1 or 2 other special elements, which may be a piece of furniture, piece of art or even a tap. Here in Italy I continue to discover great materials, products and producers that are perfect to use and quite reasonably priced too. I think it is also important to look at how sustainable products and producers are, as I feel that nowadays that is an essential element of design.