Marleen Tijdeman

Welcome to my personal website

After 20 years of corporate city life, I radically changed course. From down town Amsterdam to the Italian countryside. Together with my partner I started a small holiday accommodation/agriturismo in Le Marche (Villa NuMoViv), trying to become modern, part-time farmers at the same time. In August 2016 and the following months we were hit by a series of 4 earthquakes, leaving our own houses destroyed and the holiday apartments in good shape. The Italian bureaucracy around reconstruction has provided me with the space and opportunity to develop my other passions: interior design and (macro) photography. As I no longer have one job but various activities, I decided to bundle everything on this site. Through this site you can  follow my various ‘journeys’ and do business with me. 

My preferences

I love modern and above all practical design. I love a special floor or wall that does the trick for an interior

A special floor or wall can lift or determine an entire interior. Especially when combined with the right lighting and 1 or 2 other special elements, which may be a piece of furniture, piece of art or even a tap. Here in Italy I continue to discover great materials, products and producers that are perfect to use and quite reasonably priced too. I think it is also important to look at how sustainable products and producers are, as I feel that nowadays that is an essential element of design.

My Design

It is great to explore the world of modern design and translate it to a practical level

Through the renovation process of our property in Italy, my interest in interior design rose to such a level, that I had to know and do more in this field. I started studying virtually at the National Design Academy in the UK. So from drawing only broom puppets in my youth I actually had to draw floor plans and design furniture. I have a clear interest in modern and practical design, when appropriate combined with other/older elements. Through visiting design events such as the Salone dei Mobili in Milan, through design magazines and through visiting showrooms and shops I try to spot trends and styles. My first post-study practical experience will be designing the kitchen and bathroom for our own new house, develop the lighting plan and selecting all the material for floors and walls.